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CTE Freight Elevators - Vertical Conveyance System Upgrade

Client: Port of Seattle Architect: Coughlin Porter Lundeen Contract Size:$4,300,440.00 Anticipated Completion: October 2014 more

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Pease Construction follows a strict safety program, giving top priority to preventing occupational injuries. Our purpose is to develop the highest safety standards throughout all operations and to ensure that no employee ever works under hazardous or unsanitary conditions.

Our program integrates safety and health measures into each job task so that safety and job performance become inseparable. This is done through the cooperation of top management, supervisors and employees. Some of the tools used to reduce work hazards:
  • Safety orientation for new and transferred employees
  • Timely and appropriate training
  • An active safety committee
  • A vigorous self-inspection program
  • Proper mechanical guards
  • Personal protective equipment
Pease has been a member of the AGC Safety Team since 1992. This statewide program is endorsed by the Department of Labor & Industries and has become the most aggressive safety program in the state. As a member of AGC, Pease Construction must meet or exceed established construction safety standards and must undergo a yearly requalification process, providing updates to our program as necessary for review and approval.

Learn more about the AGC of Washington's Safety team.

AGC Safety Team