Project: Spanish Steps Historical Rehabilitation

The Spanish Steps, located in Tacoma's Old City Hall Historic District were designd by E. Frere Champney, a French-born architect, in 1916. Pease Construction recently completed renovating this neoclassic landmark. Rehabilitating the steps involved careful non-abrasive cleaning methods, to make sure the substrate was not further damaged. While it would have been less expensive to remake many of the ballusters, Pease Construction painstakingly restored them by using a special custom made mortar that allowed for the same vapor transmission as the original substrate.

Some balusters, urns and railing had to be replaced becuase they were too deteriorated or missing. Models of these parts were made and shipped to the certified marblecrete precaster for exact replication. The project was completed 30 days early without an accident to the craftsmen or the general public.

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