Project: BJ's Bingo Parlor, Fife, WA

This project encompassed the renovation of an existing bingo parlor which included updating it with the latest in gaming video and computer technology. All of the nearly 600 gaming stations are equipped for video gaming, including CPUs and monitors all feeding to a central server. Over 30 miles of data and video cabling are incorporated into the facility via cable trays and raceways. Security and intercom systems throughout the facility ensure a safe, secure and inviting gaming experience for patrons. The HVAC system was specifically designed for the unique requirements of this type of facility to ensure smoke removal and fresh air for customers. The first floor addition consists of 5,400 sf of dedicated gaming area and 6,470 sf of support area consisting of queuing, restrooms, entry, and access (stairs and elevator). The second floor consists of 7,600 sf dedicated gaming area and 5,740 sf of support areas, consisting of restrooms, access, offices, and staff break. Additionally, there is a 900 sf remodel of existing facility for a total of 25,210 sf new construction addition.
BJ's Bingo Parlor

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