Project: Maintenance, Operations and Administration Center

Client: Jefferson Transit Authority
Architect: TCF Architecture
Contract Size:$4 Million
Anticipated Completion: February 2015

Currently the Pease Construction crew is working on forming box footings for Building A. The crew placed the projects first concrete on Thursday when the equipment pit floor slab was completed.

Western Reinforcement has been onsite typing up the rebar for the footings and the equipment pit.
Sound Plumbing was onsite to install the equipment pit floor drain and piping.

Olympic Electric has completed the installation of the light pole bases for the site. They also completed fabrication of the block heater pedestals.

Seton Construction has completed the majority of the site work and utility installation. This week they assisted Olympic Electric with placing and back filling the light pole bases.

The main focus next week will be on completing the footings for Building A. The crews will then begin work on back filling, installing under slab utilities, and preparing to pour the slab on grade.

6/16 Notice to Proceed Issued
6/16 Mobilization
7/28 Building A Footing Forming Start
8/07 Building A Equipment Pit Slab Pour
8/14 Building A Footing Pour
9/18 Building A Slab Pour
10/1 Pre-Engineered Building Ship
10/13 Pre-Engineered Building Erection Start

More information about the project on Jefferson Transit Authority's website. Maintenance, Operations and Administration Center

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