Project: MATOC: Repair Building 4079

Architect: ORB Architects
Completed: March 2014
Delivery Method: Hard Bid
Contract Amount:$1,061.736

Building 4079 is the oldest building at JBLM. The building condition was failing badly and preserving historical value, while upgrading it to functional status, was paramount. The project began with addressing abatement of exposed interior asbestos and lead-containing materials. Once abated, demolition of failing electrical and mechanical systems followed. Demolition of structural systems, and roofing and interior finishes was also necessary in order to take steps toward providing a safe and healthful environment for its occupants. With demolition complete, the building received a new roof, upgraded lighting and electrical systems, DDC controls, new ADA accessible restroom facilities and entrances, repairs and replacement of structural components and new interior finishes.

"Pease Construction knocked this one out of the ball park." -Sidney Jones, Resident Engineer

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