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Pease Awarded White River High School Grandstand
Pease Construction has been awarded the White River High School project. We look forward to working with the White River School District, McGranahan Architects and subcontractors.

March 27, 2017

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Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association Finalists
Lake Tapps Timber Flume Replacement

Pease Construction was recently selected as a Finalist for the "Excellence in Concrete Construction" Awards for the Public Works-Infrastructure by Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association.

The Lake Tapps timber flume is one of the oldest structures still in use for moving water from the White River to Lake Tapp. Pease Construction replaced the existing wooden flume structure because it was not efficient and replaced it with 2,315 lineal feet of concrete to build a new concrete flume.High water levels were putting stress on the structure and because of the age of the flume it could have failed at anytime.

April 21, 2017

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